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We are community engagement specialists, here to help you get it right the first time and every time. #authenticity #communityconnection #crisiscomms

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For a complete listing of our full capabilities go to - Campaign Development:FEMWORKS develops integrated campaigns that touch the community, inspire action, and empower underserved and often difficult-to-reach audiences. Powered by our native insight, culturally relevant messages, relatable images and relationships that are rooted in the community, our integrated campaigns succeed. We excel at developing elegant and integrated campaigns that promote economic and community development, corporate social responsibility, public health and sustainable economy initiatives. Capture the heart of urban, multicultural and gay communities with a campaign empowered by FEMWORKS photography. Our signature campaign photography is effective because it is relatable, meaningful, sensitive and culturally specific. Tell your brand’s story with FEMWORKS campaign photography and celebrate a diverse and evolving community. FEMWORKS campaign photography has empowered editorial features, public health campaigns, and economic and community development initiatives. Event Production:FEMWORKS events have transformed Newark, NJ into a tourism and sports entertainment destination and positioned the city as the nation’s top ten emerging urban market. An event produced by FEMWORKS provides an experience that transforms the perception of corporate brands, localities, and initiatives. Our multifaceted events create a unique experience designed to advance community development, economic development, tourism and destination marketing initiatives.
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Roy Johnson

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